February 19, 2018, 4:46 pm
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From the age of 3, I have been fascinated by “magic.”  My parents tell of my taking a magic trick and determining how is worked.  Since I didn’t read and I talked very little, I created “my own magic” tricks.  At age 7, I became a clown with a small family-owned circus.  I would do birthday parties and magic shows for the neighborhood children.  I graduated to bigger magic acts and actually earned enough money to pay for my very first car.  I was accepted into the Magic Castle as a “Junior” when I was 11 ½ years old.  World renowned magician Harry Blackstone would recommend me for shows.  Many TV shows and live theatre presentations later, I still love magic even though I don’t perform it professionally anymore.  Now, I do my “magic” technically.

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Young magic gary Gary with fire

Gary doing Magic-1Gary doing Magic-2

Gary doing Magic-3Gary's Bird

Magic Castle

Member of the World Famous Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA for almost 36 years.